How do i backup/restore my Teamspeak Server?

You can create and manage up to 4 snapshots of your Teamspeak 3 server to restore at any point in time. Each user has a fifth snapshot that contains a default backup that was created at the time that your server was created. You may not delete this last snapshot so you will always have a working snapshot of your server.

Backup data contains general server settings, bans, user/privilege key data, all channel data, everything..

To backup your server please follow these steps.

1) Log into your Teamspeak 3 control panel.

2) Click on Backup/Restore in the left-hand menu.

3) Enter a name for your backup and click the create backup button.

4) That's it, you're done!

Restoring your Teamspeak 3 Server

You can restore any of your 5 snapshots at anytime.

1) Log into your Teamspeak 3 control panel

2) Click on "Restore" for the snapshot you want to restore.

Your server will not be stopped, restored to the snapshot you selected, and started back up automatically.

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